Pearl Thusi agreed to go on a date with Mr Smeg


Pearl Thusi agreed to go on a date with Mr Smeg

Most people have celebrity crushes, and they don’t even bother shooting their shots due to social status differences. Either than the class differences, celebrities have a stigma of being stuck up and classist to ordinary people. Michael Bruce is, also known as Mr. Smeg, shot his shot and struck gold.

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Michael Bucwa or Mr. Smeg asked Pearl Thusi out on a date.

Michael Bucwa tweeted and mentioned the South African-born international actress Pearl Thusi. His tweet read, “Hi, @PealThusi, May I take you out for lunch?” Pearl surprisingly agreed. Never in the history of South African celebrities has this ever happened. Mzansi is here for this type of content.

Pearl Thusi melts the hearts of Mzansi by agreeing to go on a date with Mr. Smeg

Pearl Thusi. Credit: Instagram

Who is Mr. Smeg?

As mentioned, his government name is Michael Bucwa. Professionally, he is an entrepreneur and very eager to succeed in business. He gave himself the alias Mr. Smeg after a red Smeg kettle purchase he made. He loves his Smeg Kettle so much that he takes it to work, business meetings, hiking, airplane rides, restaurants, and virtually everywhere you can think of.

Mr. Smeg’s dream to go to Europe with his kettle has finally come to life

Mzansi reacts to the date

Usually, Pearl Thusi trends for either her achievements or just being trolled by Tweeps. It is improbable that she is commanded by most of Mzansi for something outside her work. She shocked the country when she agreed to the casual tweet. People suggested that the date be filmed by MojaLoveTV, as it would be a fire episode.

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Mr. Smeg excites his date attempts to get sponsors

Mr. Smeg did not take this likely; he went all out and asked BMW to lend him a BMW X3 facelift so he could show up in style. He asked Expresso Morning Show if they had heard about his date. He also took the liberty to tag news publications such as News 24, IOL, and Sunday World ZA, so they know about his famous date with Pearl.

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Venue and day of the date

Pearl and Mr. Smeg will have a lunch date in Daruma on the coming Saturday. Daruma is a Japanese food restaurant situated in Johannesburg. A fun fact about the restaurant is that it’s owned by Mzansi’s veteran Dj, Dj Oskido.

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