It’s official: Pearl Thusi And DJ Zinhle are friends again

It’s official: Pearl Thusi And DJ Zinhle are friends again

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle

Zinhle “DJ Zinhle” Jiyane and her bestie Pearl “Sthe” Thusi, are friends again and the world is back as it should be. The two have seemingly mended their strained friendship even though we do not know what caused a ‘rift’ between them.

Zinhle and Pearl were once one of Mzansi’s favorite friends in Celebville, they traveled together, partied together, and rocked matching outfits to events, but lately, they have not been spotted together.

The two recently made news headlines after fans speculated that they were beefing, but it seems that is old news now. In the next chapter, according to The Tea World, Pearl shared a video of them together on her Instagram account, and that they had an amicable exchange.

At the time, they were preparing to go out and it seems they had a blast. Whilst Zinhle was busy preparing, Pearl looked elegant in an orange two-piece outfit, and she even joked that Zinhle copied from her as she also wore an orange piece of clothing.

Murdah Bongz also posted the two together and they were on a video call together.

Tweeps speculated the two had a fallout due to Zinhle’s “superiority complex”, and Pearl refused to dance to her tunes. Nomusa took to Twitter and wrote, “Also, I think DJ Zinhle wants to be the main character in the friendship hence she’s now closer to Nomuzi who doesn’t seem to have so much going for herself. I’m invested in the gossip

Elle maShandu wrote “If you remember on that show which Pearl hosted on BET… Pearl literally sucked up to Zinhle. Zinhle even mentioned that Pearl initiated the friendship and asked to be her friend. I don’t think that Zinhle pursues anyone, they run after her like little poodles…Nomuzi even.”

Mrs Nooks wrote “DJ Zinhle is just self centered according to my observations. She’s one of those friends who always wants to be licked. Pearl was always showing affection and love to her, but she was just always bitchy towards the girl, o nale bo snaaks nyana maan.”

Pearl recently celebrated her 34th birthday and fans noticed that Zinhle did no wish her the happiest birthday. Others said maybe she wished her a happy birthday privately.

Zinhle and Pearl’s friendship goals have won the hearts of many people. The pair have been friends for a couple of years now and on Somizi’s hit show Dinner at Somizi’s, Zinhle responded to rumors that they were secretly dating saying:
Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle2
“This is the thing for me and Pearl. We not even trying to entertain it because even if we were, so what? But we spoke about this, that Pearl and I are in an industry where friendships are a blur.”

“We are in an industry where we have not experienced a sisterhood, so when we found each other — or when she found me — we just couldn’t believe what we have, a friendship that is actually real,” said Zinhle

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