Pearl Thusi became a politician, she publicly criticized the Democratic Alliance (DA)


Pearl Thusi became a politician, she publicly criticized the Democratic Alliance (DA)

South African media personality, Pearl Thusi, has openly lambasted the Democratic Alliance (DA), whom she has labeled as a “joke”. during a Twitter thread shared within the early hours of Monday, 14 September 2020, the actress seemed to be ticked off by a tweet from the party.

Pearl Thusi became a politician
The DA shared their dissatisfaction with the African National Congress’ (ANC) decision to maneuver statues and monuments of the oppressors of the past, which they believed was an obstacle of nation-building in South Africa. Pearl quickly responded with, “Wow. you would like to stay celebrating those bastards who violated our people? As if teaching us the incorrect history of these years wasn’t enough. I hope basis status s’kaNyoko. Gha!”.

Pearl then likened the DA to the reign of Donald Trump, who has become one among the foremost notorious leaders of The us of America. She added, “Y’all spreading that Trump-like fear and rhetoric is basically low. therefore the DA find a black Front-liner whenever to undertake and scam us. @SollyMalatsi unjani bhuti? So Nawe awufuni ama-statue asuswe vele?”. After spending much time on the DA’s Twitter page, Pearl concluded with, “The DA may be a joke. So annoyed I even landed on their page. Nami bengenzani.”

The Queen Sono actress has attempted to stay out of the Twitterverse ever since the drama involving BET Africa’s Behind The Story and Toll A$ Mo saw her being dragged for days on the platform. She has opted for Instagram, where comments appeared kinder, and left the trolls to their antics on Twitter, without engaging with them. The DA’s comments appeared to truly irk Pearl, as she couldn’t twiddling my thumbs anymore.