Pearl Thusi: I’m planning on starting a new family.

Pearl Thusi: I’m planning on starting a new family.

TV personality Pearl Thusi has revealed that she is currently seeing a businessman called Shaun Keith Alfred Bonett.

The explosive details were revealed in the Johannesburg High Court affidavit in July this year. She was pleading with the courts to grant her permission to adopt the daughter of recovering drug addiction relative from KZN.
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In the papers, she did mention she is in a stable relationship with Bonett and wants to start a family. Who is the boss of the company named “Global Conglomerate of business and philanthropic foundations? Pearl Thusi did mention on the papers that she is planning to settle down and tie the knot with Bonett.

Pearl has been discreet about who she is dating ever since her relationship ended with radio and sports personality Robert Marawa.
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Pearl did give her followers a hint couple of months ago when he posted a picture of a man but she decided not to show his face. “Umjolo Wami” my lover reads the comment on social media

She mentioned that there is nothing beautiful like two people feeling the same way about each other. According to a source, the mysterious man in the picture is Bonett.
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Bonett is a founder of the precision group and serves as its CEO and managing director. The company is also based in the country. He also acts as an adviser in many entities in which Precision has an interest around the globe.

Philanthropy is one of the most important activities for Bonett. He acts a deputy chairman of Life Education Australia. He is also a director of Princess Trust and a director of the Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of Australia. He is also involved in charity organizations.

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Pearl Thusi mentioned Bonett as a motivation factor to her statement in the parers to adopt the daughter as they are in a healthy relationship.