Pearl Thusi is back clapping back at trolls on Twitter, only now respectfully

Pearl Thusi is back clapping back at trolls on Twitter, only now respectfully

As such, one returnee to the blue app was none other than Pearl Thusi. Pearl had in the past indicated that she would not comment or share her thoughts via the blue app due to the amount of backlash she usually received. This is as the Queen Sono lead actress has a love-hate relationship with the app.

But since everyone was sharing their thoughts on the ruling party and the recent actions of the EFF, Pearl also let her own feelings be known.

Ahead of her tweets on the shutdown and the ruling party, Pearl first addressed why most of our popular ZAlebs have opted out of speaking on any matter that is politically charged. This was after a follower asked her why our ZAlebs of late have opted not to comment on the current political landscape.

Pearl shared that following the amount of backlash that ZAlebs receive for their sometimes temperamental political stances, it is safer to keep those opinions to yourself.

However, in light of the shutdown, loadshedding, and uproar on social media, Pearl revisited her politicking. Firstly, she shared how she believes that President Cyril Ramaphosa seems to be blue-ticking the entire country given his lack of empathy toward the status quo. This is as she tweeted:

“You know- Cyril Ramaphosa doesn’t care about the people- more especially the youth of South Africa. He’s literally (led) this country into the darkness. With the port plunging into an abyss of unemployment and hopelessness. Some children are even learning in the darkness.”

Safe to say, in light of the tweet, there were those that are still staunch ANC supporters who took to her comments section to attempt to drag her for filth. But it seems that all the work Pearl has done in therapy has prepared her better to clap back in light of her return to the app.

Whether it was the since-deleted tweet that suggested that she should keep quiet and hang out at Konka, which Pearl made light work of in her clap back.

Or when another tweep attempted to bring back the fact that once upon a long time ago, Pearl had “supported” the ruling party for money. A fact which was confirmed by Pearl. However, when addressing the matter, Pearl explained that it was during the early days of her entertainment career and the money she was offered would be able to put food on the table for her and her then-infant daughter, Thandolwethu Mokeona.

As such, Pearl also made quick light work of the troll who attempted to bring this up again as a way of suggesting that this was the reason that Pearl was vocal against the ruling party now.

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