Pearl Thusi refuses to support Zola 7 in his crisis


Pearl Thusi refuses to support Zola 7 in his crisis

Well we guess Twitter’s “be kind” data bundles have really ran out.
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Fans recently took to twitter to rant about how Bonginkosi “Zola7” Dlamini is not doing okay financially as it is rumoured that he cannot afford to take care of his kids or get his medication.

Fans were pleading with black Twitter to at something to help Zola, Pearl Thusi jumped in to say that she will not be helping him as she hasn’t forgotten about his controversial past and the Gender Based Violence allegations which were made against him.

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It seems like Pearl is the only celebrity who had the guts to speak up and let it be known where she stands as other celebrities have chosen to remain silent, fans noticed that there is so much silence from fellow celebrities and have resorted to calling them out.

People close to the Kwaito star have come up to state that the rumours about Zola’s current financial situation aren’t true as he is doing okay and is not financially struggling, even with that being said fans feel it’s only fair to help him out as a token of appreciation for all he has done for our country.

Despite what may seem like great news, the Timeline is torn and it’s not clear if Zola will be getting any help at all.


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Mzansi is being urged to unite around Zola 7 amid his purported trying times. But Pearl Thusi hasn’t forgotten his tumultuous background.

According to recent reports, Kwaito icon and TV personality Zola 7 is financially unable to care for his children. Even if those close to him have denied the rumors, his followers are determined to assist him as a thank you for everything he has done for the music business and for the less fortunate in SA.

While fans rally, some celebs remain suspiciously silent. In case something happened to Zola today, people on social media said they would all start tweeting about him and displaying old images of them together. They think it’s hypocritical because they’re all quiet now that Zola needs aid.

But Pearl has responded directly. She thinks his prior charges of gender-based violence exacerbate his predicament.

He has a past that makes few celebrities want to associate with him, or that society has yet to forgive him. One admirer believes she means the media harmed his reputation, which led to his demise.

Pearl has divided the timeline. She’s been called a hypocrite since she’s still pals with DJ Euphonik, even though he’s been accused of the same thing.

Also, is his past such that he will never be forgiven in public? Even Jub Jub gets hot. Fans believe that if Jub Jub can be pardoned for irresponsibly killing children, then Zola 7 can be forgiven too.

Others believe Zola 7 is being unfairly blamed. There were reportedly additional abuse complaints last year, therefore he doesn’t deserve pity for not changing.

Some admirers feel betrayed by the actress’s remarks. They say she should have ended the conversation. “Say nothing if you have nothing positive to say,” she’s been told.
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