Pearl Thusi remembers her late mother 19 years ago

Pearl Thusi remembers her late mother 19 years ago

Actress and media personality Pearl Thusi has penned a heartfelt letter in remembrance of her mother, who passed away 19 years ago on this day. Expressing her deep emotions and longing for her mother’s presence, Pearl reflects on their unfulfilled moments and wonders about the relationship they could have shared. The tribute serves as a powerful testament to the lasting impact a loved one can have, even in their absence.

Pearl, known for her resilience and transparency, has been open about her personal journey, including the circumstances surrounding her mother’s illness and passing. Last year, she courageously revealed that her father, a taxi owner, had infected her mother, a nurse, with HIV. Despite initially hesitating to discuss this sensitive matter, Pearl recognized the importance of shedding light on the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.


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Recalling the day her mother passed away, Pearl vividly remembers the mixture of shock and disbelief she experienced. The realization that her mother was gone was overwhelming, as she never imagined a world without her. During those precious weeks leading up to her mother’s passing, Pearl developed a deeper bond with her, cherishing their conversations and seeking answers to the complexities of her parents’ relationship.

It was later revealed that Pearl’s mother had contracted HIV from her father, who consistently battled illness. However, Pearl chose to protect her parents’ legacy by refraining from discussing this matter publicly while her father was still alive. She believes it is essential to honor their memory beyond the stigma associated with the disease, viewing them as heroes who navigated the challenges of their time.

Reflecting on her father’s resilience, Pearl acknowledges the suspicions surrounding her mother’s cause of death. Her father’s own survival, despite recurring bouts of meningitis, remains a testament to his strength. Learning about his illness years later, Pearl felt a mix of anger and betrayal, particularly as she was already a mother herself at the time of the revelation.

In sharing her personal story, Pearl emphasizes the importance of open communication and education about HIV/AIDS. She encourages parents to engage in dialogue with their children, destigmatizing the topic and fostering understanding and respect. Times have changed, and it is crucial to create an environment where conversations about HIV/AIDS flow easily, providing information and support.

Pearl’s tribute to her late mother is a touching reminder of the enduring love and connection between a child and a parent, transcending physical boundaries. Her words resonate with those who have experienced loss and inspire others to cherish their loved ones while advocating for open conversations around sensitive topics like HIV/AIDS. As we commemorate World AIDS Day, Pearl’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of compassion, empathy, and breaking down the barriers of stigma surrounding the disease.

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