Pearl Thusi slams Nota who called her a deadbeat helicopter mom.

Pearl Thusi slams Nota who called her a deadbeat helicopter mom.

Pearl Thusi slams Nota 2

Pearl Thusi is fuming after the controversial Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi said some terrible things about her as a mother. In his recent interview on Everything SA Music, he took aim at Pearl Thusi as a mother calling her a ‘deadbeat helicopter mom’ who is only there to take pictures.

Pearl Thusi is a mother of two beautiful girls. Her daughter with Robert Mokoena Thandolwethu Mokoena and her adoptive daughter Okuhle Thusi. For Nota to say some negative things about her on the podcast, angered the actress and so she went on a rant and dismissed Nota’s claims.

Pearl started off by requesting his full name and contact details to be able to contact him.

Pearl then went on a rant about how easy it is to always target black mothers and not white mothers. She added that she stays with her two daughters.

“I have two children (that I love, live with and I pay for everything). I’m a black woman. Why are white women never targeted- because they are feared for some reason. Backing down is never an option when it comes to my kids and the lessons I teach them,” she said.

She said she will defend her kids and will teach them not not allow men to say whatever they want about them.

She then said she allows people to talk whatever filth they want about her and her possessions but she draws the line when it comes to her kids.
“Talk about how you hate my tweets, my house, my looks my clothes, and even my work… I don’t care – enjoy your opinion. As soon as you involve my kids- you’re starting a war.”

The actress then added every major decision she ever made was because of her children.

“My life, my career choices, and even coming back to South Africa – was centered around my children. I realigned my vision and goals to make sure I could be here for them and provide for them and the idea that someone can wake up and decide to say whatever suits their narrative.”

Pearl furiously said, “I take a lot of sh*t here – this isn’t going to be one of those times. NOT WITH MY KIDS!!!!!!!”

In her rant, Pearl advised women to not allow men to get away with doing or saying whatever they wish about them.

“Women in this country can’t allow abusive men to think they can do or say whatever they feel like because the internet isn’t regulated. I’ve decided to choose my battles, yes. But I’m not a pushover! & I hope other women can learn from those who stand up for themselves.

“Apart from the reality of this situation- there’s also how I’ve struggled to provide yet balance being there for my kids for big and little things…
With microscopes on me at different angles. This allegation is not only untrue but also hurtful/triggering.”

Pearl did not stop there. She expressed hw furious she is, “Imagine being a single mom who overseas EVERYTHING in your kids and even involved in extended families’ kids lives and waking up to this sh*t?!? I’m not mad. I’m not upset. I’m furious.”

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