Pearl Thusi want to darken her skin to fit in – Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi want to darken her skin to fit in – Pearl Thusi


The debate around colourism and therefore the privilege that comes with being light-skinned is one that has trended as repeatedly as Micheal Jackson moonwalked. And while many of us have shared their thoughts on the difficulty , one media personality has always been within the middle of those robust debates.

Pearl Thusi got real about experiencing colourism, saying it started when she was a woman .

In an interview with podcaster MacG, the Queen Sono actress opened about the trials of being light-skinned. Though she has been vocal within the past about her views on colourism, the star said it ran deeper than the backlash she has received online.
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Thusi spoke about darkening her skin to suit in with the people round her .

“I wont to burn my skin once I was a toddler for people to prevent teasing (me). I didn’t get older around other light-skinned people.

“These people think this ‘light-skinned’ thing started with them. I even have had this conversation since i used to be 11. People think this conversation is new. I had believed I had worked so hard that I had passed that conversation about the color of my skin.”

While she addressed many things within the interview, she also hit back at her critics on Twitter: “People are upset that I don’t subscribe the norms of Black Twitter.
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Speaking about her success, Thusi said: “You can’t say all I even have is only due to something I can’t change and expect me to simply accept that. You can’t! That’s rude! i’m getting to defend my work. I worked really hard. I even have slept in parking lots because i used to be too tired to drive home.”

She also discussed her relationship together with her former partner, sports journalist Robert Marawa.

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