Pearl Thusi We are living in the worst of all

Pearl Thusi We are living in the worst of all

Actress and media personality Pearl Thusi took to Twitter to lament the difficulties people are facing the planet over, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Though the star often features a TL filled with inspiration and positivity, within the week the Queen Sono star got real together with her fans about what is going on in the world immediately.

With the pandemic still raging and its increasing price and last week’s storming of the US Capitol Pearl admitted it felt like we are during a nightmare where is not any choice to awaken.

“The planet immediately is sort of a horror movie. frightened of some invisible thing that would kill you if you go outside. sort of a demon that enters you and no-one can assist you.

“But it’s scary and truly real, so it’s more sort of a nightmare you can’t awaken from,” tweeted Pearl.

Her fans resonated with their queen, sharing their own frightful descriptions of the chaos that’s 2021.

Here are some responses from tweeps:

This isn’t the primary time the star has been honest together with her social media followers about the trials and tribulations of life at the instant.

Last week, Pearl shared advice on how she’s helping herself during the pandemic: By staying home and using home remedies to stay healthy.

“Covid has me shook. Ordering things online. Haven’t left my house in ages. I wear a mask and therefore the face shield. Only leave for emergencies. Stay safe guys.

“Since they announced this new Covid strain, I realized it’s time to urge serious. Canceled gigs and stayed home. If you return home to sickly or elderly people, steam once you revisit. I added camphor, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. Also added crushed ginger and garlic,” she wrote.