Pearl Thusi’s emotional outburst split Mzansi in two!


Pearl Thusi’s emotional outburst split Mzansi in two!

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Well acclaimed actress and media personality Pearl Thusi has never shied away from expressing her strong opinionated views about things that go on in the country. From politics to matters of social welfare, Pearl is not one to take a backseat where these issues are concerned.

As you already know, the issue of load shedding is one that Mzansi has been grappling with for years now. And while time and time again, activists and public figures have gone ahead to express their disapproval of the same, it remains to be an issue that the government continues to shelve as a non issue.

Various celebrities have spoken against the issue and this time Pearl is taking an active role in the conversation. Taking to her Twitter recently, Pearl had initially started off by announcing to her fans and followers alike, that she finally has essentials for solar in her house and that she was officially done with load shedding.

What followed after her announcement was a tweep raining on her parade and reminding her that she will still have to pay higher tariffs for parts that are still on the grid. This of course did not sit well with the Quantico actress who decided to go on an emotional outburst.

In a retweet, an outraged Pearl wrote, β€œOur country is being run by gangsters who have to resort to scamming the public for their own incompetence.” Taking to her comment section, it seems tweeps strongly agree with her sentiments and are all but in shock of what is going on around them.

For some, they wish that more celebrities would be as vocal as Pearl and also speak on other issues like unemployment that continue to cripple the young people of Mzansi. Others believe that this is an issue that may never really be resolved because of the powerful monopolies that are still running the country.

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This is not the first time Pearl is putting the government on blast and it clearly will not be the last. If you can remember, it was just the other day when she delivered one savage clapback at a government official online.

This was after the official had mentioned that nightclubs were not adhering to Covid 19 protocol, only for Pearl to point out the irony and hypocrisy of the situation seeing that politicians were not doing the same thing when it came to their political rallies.
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It is always good to see our Zalebs take an active role in the issues that are affecting the country and we can only hope that all other celebrities will follow in the example of Pearl and speak when the situation requires that they do.

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