Pearl Thusi’s last photo session makes a bomb in Mzansi

Pearl Thusi’s last photo session makes a bomb in Mzansi


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One of the most talented and famous artists in South Africa, Pearl Thusi is doing great in life. She can be seen taking pictures at different functions and sharing them on her social media accounts with her fans. Pearl Thusi is a multitasking woman, she inspires a lot of South African women, with the amount of work she puts in, in order to become successful. A lot are learning and following in her footsteps. She is a role model to the younger generation of South Africa, and more especially those who want to make it to the TV industry. See the source image

As usual, South Africans were praising Pearl Thusi for her natural beauty. Girls boost their confidence with their looks. Negativity will always be available, and some of the people in the comment section were attacking Pearl Thusi, accusing her of editing this picture, which makes her look completely different. It might be true that some of these high-profile celebrities edit pictures, in order to look extremely beautiful in front of the camera.

Below are some of the negative comments made by Twitter users, causing tension. Some people see it as a form of jealousy and wanting to bring down the spirit of Pearl Thusi. See the source image

“I’m so disappointed in us women. What stops us from saying O MOTLE without applying any negative We know how many faces beat it can change a person but that one we not saying anything about it. Edited not Edited O Motle.” “Your photos have gone through so much editing in addition to the make up. I don’t mean to be wrong but do you recognize yourself when you wake up. “You’re still beautiful, having made it out of that exquisite gown that nearly brought you asphyxiation. Having breath, life and health is beyond blessing through this moment.”See the source image image