Pebetsi Matlaila Speak about her near-death experience while giving birth.


Pebetsi Matlaila Speaks about her near-death experience while giving birth.

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Pebetsi Matlaila, who plays Mokgadi in Skeem Saam, opened up to her fans this week about her near-death experience while giving birth to her child.

The actress turned to Instagram to share a series of photos documenting her and her daughter’s recuperation in the intensive care unit, as well as the harrowing moments leading up to it.

Pebetsi said she drove herself to the hospital after experiencing slight labor pains, where she was told her unborn baby was in trouble due to her “very” high blood pressure, putting them both at risk of dying.

I just recall grabbing the hem of a nurse’s scrub and miming the words ‘I can’t breathe…’ with what little power I had left. When I awoke to the sound of my kid wailing, I thought to myself, “Wow, that was quick.” “To my surprise, the physicians and nurses surrounding me were franticly inspecting me, pushing pipes into my mouth, placing drips, and my [doctor] saying, ‘Nolo, we nearly lost you,'” she recounted.

After being “dead for three minutes,” Pebetsi had to be resuscitated and put on oxygen, according to Pebetsi.

Qhawekazi, her daughter, “went through different brain tests” and had fluid drained from her lungs.

“My heart and lungs collapsed after I experienced fits (where I nearly bit off my tongue) due to excessive blood pressure, according to my doctor” (pre-eclampsia). I was apparently dead for three minutes before being revived by those electric square things. My daughter was born blue, with no oxygen in her brain… and, most embarrassing of all, a catheter, because I couldn’t walk to the bathroom for a few days. To this day, doctors still reiterate that our story is one in a million. A true miracle.”

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