Pebetsi shows off her husband and newborn baby. They are so cute

Pebetsi shows off her husband and newborn baby. They are so cute

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Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila recently took to social media to point out off her neonate. She shared a snap of her daughter sounds asleep together with her husband.

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Pebetsi, Popularly known for portraying Mokgadi on SABC 1’s Skeem Saam, has taken a while faraway from the soapie to require care of her newborn. She has not confirmed when she’ll be returning on set.

This comes after Pebetsi’s revelation fortnight ago about her pregnancy almost taking, her and her baby’s lives.
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“I don’t know yet, how I survived, I’m told most girls with pre-eclampsia don’t. I cannot wrap my head around it yet or comprehend what happened.” She shared. “I am told we were brought back from death and shocked Dr. at some point i will be able to share the story. I don’t know why God chose us. For now, I appreciate health, and deeply grateful for all times .

“Since this year began actually, my existence on earth has been tried and tested. High health risks, car accident, Depression and Anxiety, fatally challenging birth experience. So literally, God gave me a second chance at life. i will be able to never take it without any consideration again.”

Pebetsi believes that she only made it out alive by the grace of God. “God’s promise is that: No weapon formed against me shall prosper. i prefer to joke and say, i’m one among God’s favourites. due to his constant favour upon my life. Some may check out it as pure luck. But God always favours me in ways in which I even get surprised. This experience , which doctors are calling a miracle, said to me… God isn’t through with me yet. I wanted to urge comfortable and complacent, God shook me and woke me up, literally.”

On an equivalent day, the actress shared a video motivating her followers to vary how they appear at challenges in their lives. “How you check out the challenging moments of life where everything seems hopeless, like there’s no light at the top of the tunnel and it seems like you’re fighting a losing battle a day , how you check out those challenging moments will determine your outcome. Are you watching them as punishments from your past mistakes or are you watching those challenging moments as a test of your faith, or are you watching them as a preparation for subsequent level of your life?” Echoed the new mom.