People Are Blaming Foreigners After 15 Pupils Were Sick After Eating Snacks From Hawkers

People Are Blaming Foreigners After 15 Pupils Were Sick After Eating Snacks From Hawkers


For the longest time, people have been warned to stop buying things from foreign shops. Most foreigners don’t buy stock, they produce their own fake brands, which is why their things are so cheap. This imposes a very high risk to human health because for a product to be put into supply it must be approved by SABS, Other than that, it is not yet fit to be sold to people. However, there have been so many reports of foreigners who sell things without getting them approved first.


Following all that, there is an incident that happened yesterday after over 15 learners from Thabang primary school were taken to hospital as they were sick after eating things that they bought from the school market. According to the reports , those kids ate snacks that they bought from the school market that is just outside the school gate early in the morning . After eating them over, 15 of them started crying about stomach cramps and headaches.


They were all rushed to the hospital, and their parents were called. After investigating and interrogating the lady who sold those snacks to them, she said that she bought her stock from a foreign shop. People are suspecting that it might be fake products or that the snacks might have been poisoned. Another investigation showed that the kids ate a soft porridge that is given to students every morning.

Following all that, people are suspecting that those children might be sick because the snacks might be a fake product produced by foreigners or they might be poisoned. People are calling for police to raid that shop and check if everything is fine. Some even went on to say that society must burn down the shops because most foreign shops sell fake things. Parents are being warned that they should avoid giving children money and give them food instead because they end up buying the wrong things.




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