Petronella Tshuma is talking about having 2 babies from 2 daddies

Petronella Tshuma is talking about having 2 babies from 2 daddies

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It’s been a long journey of self-discovery for actress Petronella Tshuma, who recently opened up about the hardships she has faced since splitting from the father of her second child.

Taking to Instagram, Petronella penned a lengthy message reflecting on her journey as an actress and a now single mother of two. Petronella Tshuma

“Nearly a year ago Camagu’s dad and I split up. Was that ever the plan? Of course not. So here I am, mother to two beautiful boys both with different fathers. Who would ever want to be with me again? I’m used goods? I must have been the problem right? My Lobola price will probably cost pocket change,” wrote the actress.

Petronella shared that her personal life affected her to a point where it seriously impacted her work. And as she was trying to deal with the issues, an announcement that Rhythm City was coming to an end after 13 years was made. Petronella Tshuma1

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“I had such a breakdown at work, I could not act. Lines would not stick. But here I am, a single mum with two kids that I need to provide for.

“Rhythm City, my absolutely amazing family, was understanding. Gave me time and the greatest support. Offered and would pay for therapy. I didn’t go. Because I then got news the show was being canceled. I remember saying to my cast members, ‘how will I look after my children?’”

To the public, the actress seemed to have it all together, but in private, Petronella was fighting an emotional battle.

“My children are the only people on this earth that have witnessed all my colors. The good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. And yet, for some reason, I am the world and more to them … Being a mother is the best gift I could have ever been blessed with.”

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This year marks 10 years of Petronella being a professional actress and, as she continues to soar in her career, she says she has dedicated the next chapter of her life to find and better herself.

“I’m continuously finding myself. That beautiful little girl I didn’t know existed. I filled everyone else’s cups, including the characters I would play, and have nothing left to give myself. Self-work is not for the fainted-hearted. It’s gritty but rewarding.”