Phil Mphela is trying hard to get back on Bonang Matheba’s good books

Phil Mphela is trying hard to get back on Bonang Matheba’s good books

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Undeniably, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela and media sensation Bonang Matheba have been arch-nemesis for a long minute now. The pair could not stand each other and every now and then we have been constantly reminded on social that they aren’t each other’s favorites.

The beef between media personality Bonang Matheba and entertainment commentator Phil Mphela has been going on for years on end. Although nobody can nitpick on where it all began. However, what still stood out is the happenings that transpired in Sun City back in 2012. Both Bonang Matheba and Phil Mphela have made it known on social media that they weren’t each other’s favorite human beings.

However, lately, both Bonang Matheba and Phil Mphela have decided to let bygones be bygones when Phil Mphela took to social media to announce that he and Matheba were once cool again. Mending a relationship is a good thing but it becomes uncomfortable when one part goes out of its way for the other’s approval. Evidently, that seems to be the case with Phil Mphela at this point.

Phil Mphela may or may not be in a state of yearning for Bonang Matheba’s approval at every turn. Taking to social media, he has sung and praised Bonang Matheba for her aura of glam in high-end events and Moghel was really touched as she responded by thanking the entertainment blogger for the compliment.

Both Bonang Matheba and Phil Mphela have said the most horrible things to each other, while calling each other names. Back in 2018, it appeared that their ongoing beef may have been reignited when the pair went head to head on social media following Bonang Matheba’s 10 Million lawsuit when Matheba sued the Sunday World newspaper for claims surrounding her tax fraud case.
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Knowingly or unknowingly, Phil Mphela had more than few words to say surrounding the case but he should have known he was inviting trouble since they both do not get along anyway. Taking to social media, Phila Mphela threw in his two cents and things took a left turn real quick real fast.

“My thoughts: Moghel should have just let this go. It’s tabloid and responding or suing only gives the story traction” wrote Phila Mphela

Queen B was on standby to give Phila Mphela piece of her mind as she threw in a big swing at the entertainment commentator and straight out told him to go jump the cliff, Bonang Matheba told Phil Mphela “Go f*** yourself! Honestly”

After the insults, the jabs kept coming and coming and more threats were thrown in the wind while Twitter was having a field day at their expense. The may maybe have resolved whatever issues they had but the internet doesn’t forget.

Fans have weighed in on the love both Bonang Matheba and Phil Mphela are recently showing each other the social media. Tweeps even went to wish that the pair could be close once more as they would make a good match. That may be a reach but we can never say never.

Although it is beautiful to see what Bonang Matheba and Phil Mphela moving on with their lives and burying the hatchets. However, there’s a different between keeping it civil and sucking up to someone, and it appears Phil Mphela is doing the most to get back on Bonang Matheba’s books.

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