Phindile Gwala married a beautiful Zimbabwean man in 2017


Phindile Gwala married a beautiful Zimbabwean man in 2017

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Phindile Gwala-Ngandu is a South African actress and media personality, speaker, and influencer. Phindile Gwala-Ngandu became popular or a celebrity way back in 2012 when she was acting on Muvhango on SABC1 as Nonny. After a few years, Phindile resigned. In 2021 she started playing Fikile’s role on Imbewu.

Her birth names are Phindile Gwala. She inherited the surname Ngandu from a Zimbabwean man she married 5 years ago. She’s been a happy woman ever since. Her husband Armandouss Ngandu is a model, speaker, and influencer also, a few months back he has been posting his videos taken from the tutorials and sessions of training to be Dj. Seems like he also wants to be an artist.

The two are raising a 14 years girl whom Ngandu found Phindile Gwala with. Ngandu is always with his stepdaughter whom one cannot tell she isn’t his. The two have a quality beautiful father and daughter bond.
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On their anniversary, Phindile Gwala mentioned how blown out she was when she first introduced her husband to her daughter.

“For a moment, I thought to myself, am I forgotten in this house? All his attention shifted to my child. My eyes got teary from watching them getting along and him loving my child the way I’ve always wanted, for her. It took me months to agree to go on a date with him, but he would come to me with flowers after work, just to check on how my day went. I was scared to let my guard down only to get disappointed later. I didn’t want to introduce my daughter to different men. I stayed single and waited on God. And he brought me you. I’m forever grateful for all you have done for us this past 5 years…” Phindile wrote appreciating her husband publicly.

The two have been traveling together, praying together, sharing their dance videos together. They have loved each other in a beautiful way from the time the introduced themselves to their fans. It’s one happy relationship for the books.

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