Phindile Gwala talks about her fights at the nightclub.

Phindile Gwala talks about her fights at the nightclub.

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Actress Phindile Gwala has issued a statement following assault allegations made against her by a student. The student’s name is Nompilo Beryl Mkhize and she accused the actress of assaulting her outside a Pietermaritzburg nightclub, in KwaZulu-Natal.

Nompilo said she was taking selfies outside Cubana nightclub and videos of herself, but stopped so she can request an uber. It was then when the Muvhango actress came and attacked her under the assumption that she took pictures and videos of her without her permission.

She opened a case against her but she got arrested instead for breaking COVID-19 laws. The police advised her that she should have done so at 4 AM after curfew hours.

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Today, Phindile issued a lengthy statement where she explains that she and Nompilo have sat down and resolved the matter. She acknowledges the statement made by people who criticized her for her actions. “Equally I express my sincere appreciation to the family and friends of Ms. Nompilo Mkhize,” reads part of the statement. Phindile Gwala statement
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Phindile says they both withdrew charges against each other and that the “spirit of ubuntu prevailed.”

She then goes on to talk about her role in the TV industry in the province as she grew up in it. She opened up about how she contributes to young people’s lives in bettering them.

As impressive as her statement is, people are still not satisfied with it because she did not say the three magic words: “I am sorry!”

Not to the public, but to the woman as she requested for Phindile to publicly apologize and buy her a new phone.

Here are some of the reactions:

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“I don’t see any remorse here, I don’t know if it’s me, no I do not see an apology this is not good enough in my eyes, but then I was not there and this was not written for me.”

“The statement clearly states that the both parties have sat down and resolved their issues. What she is doing is only letting the public know that THEY have waved a way forward… angilwi (I am not fighting) but I read it in that way that she is informing us that they have resolved their issues, a way forward… I doubt its any of our business to know whether she bought the phone or what,”

“She was supposed to inform us that she has since apologised for attacking the girl. It is now public information and if it wasn’t for the public she wasn’t going to sit down and talk to the girl in the first place. And this whole statement is about her and how much of a role model she is or should be. If she’s going to issue a statement it must be a statement which explains that she apologised and compensated for the damage she caused.”