Phumeza Mdabe tells how her blind son changed her life

Phumeza Mdabe tells how her blind son changed her life


Phumeza Mdabe has been very candid and open about her son Mpilo’s journey after surviving cancer. Little 7-year-old Mpilo had his eyes removed after being diagnosed with cancer. Yearly, he has to get new sets of prosthetic eyes, and this year he had them fitted 2 months ago.

Phumeza revealed that she surprised Mpilo with a new cane and he is overjoyed. This after he got his new eyes fitted last month. “Someone (@mpilontsikamdabe) got his new cane and is over the moon,” she said, also in disbelief at how grown her 14-year-old daughter is. “Also, this can’t be my 14-year-old daughter. They grow up way too fast,” she added. Mpilo

Phumeza shared a picture of both her children looking all excited. Her followers are always left in awe at how Mpilo is always smiling.
Last month, Mpilo got informed by his mom that he would be getting new eyes fitted but he got excited by the possibility of being able to see like everybody else. Unfortunately, his mom had to burst his bubble and with the help of a few tears, Phumeza had to inform him that he would never be able to see him again.

“Mpilo is getting new prosthetic eyes fitted soon, he screamed and said, ‘I’m gonna see like everyone else.’ I had to explain that he will never have vision again while a lump sat in my throat and trying my best for him not to hear me crying. This journey isn’t easy at all,” she tweeted.


She thanked the person who gifted Mpilo with the new eyes saying he does not want to be revealed. After tweeting that, Phumeza said she received so much love from people and expressed gratitude. “I just wanted to thank all of you for the messages of hope & love after I shared how excited I was to tell Mpilo he was getting new prosthetic eyes, only to realise he didn’t understand that he will never see again. All went well.”