Pics from Blue And Brown Mbombo Christmas Celebration

Pics from Blue And Brown Mbombo Christmas Celebration

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From beautifully coordinated outfits, similar social media posts, red carpets events, to epic vacations, the Mbombo twins have always done most things together and in the same manner.

Blue and Brown Mbombo recently celebrated their 31st Birthday. The twins took to social media to reflect on the last 27-years.

At the close of another year, we gratefully pause to wish you and your family a peaceful and Happy Holiday season.

Knowing the twins, they wouldn’t let Christmas day pass without any big celebration. They did a photoshoot Wishing their fans joy this Christmas.

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They captioned this image – From the #mbombotwins to you and your family. Merry Christmas and Happy new year ❤️

The Mbombo twins have grown up to be such beautiful and talented individuals who never shy away from living their dreams.

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Blue posted this picture to her 803k Insta followers and said, “Hope you had a blessed Christmas ? ❤️”

Brown also shared this picture to her 314k Insta Followers and captioned it, ‘ It’s the most wonderful time of the year ?”.

Christmas is the time to spend with family and share with all your loved ones and these two always do that as they were born on the same day.

We wish them a successful 2021 as this year (2020) was somewhat bad for a lot of artists.