PICS! Inside Basetsana Kumalo’s big day


PICS! Inside Basetsana Kumalo’s big day

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We all knew her as an Amapiano vocalist and artist, but Lady Du has made it clear that she is not just that, but she is also a smart businesswoman. And she is! Not only is she buying property and cars, but she also is investing her money in a business that could bear her many more fruits in the future!

Lady Du, has been making headlines after making exorbitant purchases these past few weeks. She has other things up in her sleeves but she needs her fan’s support through it all.

She schooled her supporters on who she is as a person, saying she is not just a musician.

“I want you to know something about me, I’m not a musician I’m a business woman that understands what she wants, I don’t move fast, I move when it’s needed. Like chess the queen waits to make the right move she doesn’t move the same direction as everyone!!!”

Lady Du made it known that she is not a person who is for the fame and hype, but she is a focused hun building wealth for her daughter.

“The hype and clout are not for me I’m building wealth for my daughter to never walk the same path I did. I do things wayyyy differently, for rewards not applause,” she said. She then added that people should support her hustle with Ellesse, “Please support @ellesse_sa they have big things lined up for your Girl.”

Lady Du recently bought a Mercedez Benz G Class worth around R3 Million.

“Please clean up your Instagram they said, please look the part, you are too hood, brands won’t like it, why don’t you look like everyone else, why do you not wear expensive clothes, how come you like being in the hood more????”

“Because I come from nothing, I had to build myself, I had to sacrifice a lot to buy what I’ve always wanted, I choose not to make things about me, you’ll never find me doing things for content for the people!!!! I’m the driver of my own bus, @mercedesbenzsandton thank you sooo much for what y’all did for me today!”

Lady Du has worked so hard for herself that she is proud no man will ever tell her to get out of his f***n car. She said the huge purchases were supposed to mark her million followers mark.

“I remember setting a goal for myself, that when I reach a million followers I must have a house and a company car!!! Ain’t no way I’ll have sooo many followers and not have a million in my bank account!!! One thing about me, I’ll live like I don’t have anything to have everything!!!!!”

Lady Du then advised people to not look rich but are actually going poor at the same time.

“I would like to be the perfect example for you guys, don’t go broke trying to look rich, please save your money and buy things that will never be taken by anyone and that can be yours forever!!!!!”

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