PICS: Ntando shows off house she’s built for her mother

PICS: Ntando shows off the house she’s built for her mother

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Back in February actress and television personality, Ntando Duma revealed that she was building her mom a house. This morning the star decided it’s time she gave her followers an update on the progress and it’s looking good.

Not so long ago, The Queen actress flaunted a red beast on her Instagram implying that she has copped herself this pricey new ride.

Even though she has many of her fans fooled, it is not hers as the owner took it back from her. While we all thought it did not belong to her, she later posted another story walking towards the car to open it and captioned the story, “more content.” The actress also posted another story posing at the back of the Porsche, flaunting it. We are not sure whether it belongs to her or not but if it, is then congratulations girl either way.

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Duma has been serving her fans with stunning hairstyles as in her previous posts she was spotting natural hair with a ponytail and she killed the look. The mother of one has been keeping her love life private, leaving fans speculating on who might have stolen her heart.

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