Pinky Girl speaks on envy & jealousy – They are a disease


Pinky Girl speaks on envy & jealousy – They are a disease

Pinky Girl is learning to spin the decks and dropping some serious bars of wisdom for those who follow her. The reality TV star has had her fair share of criticism and love from fans, and took to social media this week to get some stuff off her chest.

Sis was in full preach mode and probably really deep in her feels when she told those who were jealous that they needed help.

“Jealousy and envy is a disease. There are doctors for this, get well,” she wrote, alongside a meme of a women waving and the word “bye!!”.

She then warned her followers to be wary of fake friends and not fall for their tricks.

“Don’t let opportunists deceive you because they do what you like. Pay attention,” she wrote.

Pinky Girl

And just in case her haters didn’t get the message, Pinky Girl posted a simple note that read: “Watch out!”, with several snake emojis.

Pinky Girl is a well of wisdom and previously had the internet in crisis mode when she tweeted that “nobody wants a broke boyfriend”.

“I am not saying he must be a millionaire or a billionaire. But something must be done. Something must happen. Simple. Rather stay single. And do your own thing.”