Palesa serving body and face what a beautiful Hun

Palesa serving body and face what a beautiful Hun

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Well, one thing about Date My Family is that they know how to entertain us every week, a lot of people mentioned how this week’s episode was a bit off.

But this really depends on who is watching because a lot of people thought that there are some people who actually brought it and there is one person in particular, this is bachelorette Palesa.

People thought that she is what one would call a full package, she has it all, according to some people, she has the personality, the beauty and the body.

This is the same lady that a lot of people wanted the bachelor to pick, and from the look of things, she was more interested, compared to the two other ladies. Now, people were more interested in her assets, and it was all clear that she had a lot of tongues wagging.

It is just unfortunate that we do not know much about Palesa, seeing her on the show was probably not enough for some people. And because Palesa was singled out, this does not necessarily mean they were not beautiful, they definitely were.

However, there is something about Palesa that led to all the reactions on social media, everyone has a favourite and for a lot of people, Palesa was the favourite. There are some pictures of her that have been making rounds on social media, there is one where she was wearing the white wig and the dress with stripes.

People seemed impressed with what they saw and Twitter people do not waste time, they took to the app to mention how she was fire. Even the ladies had something to say about Palesa, and it seems like people could not get over.

This how the show is, one can expect to be surprised every week and as it is, people are already looking forward to the next episode. People might not get another Palesa, but they will definitely get someone who is as interesting as her or more.

The show has never really disappointed the viewers, that is why there are thousands of reactions every Sunday, even though Palesa was not chosen, she was the one who got Twitter talking.

Some people were really hoping that she would be that one who makes it to the date with Sibusiso, the two were considered a perfect match, but eventually, we had people who mentioned that Jacoline actually looked good with the bachelor.

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