Podcast and Chill fired crew joins Musa Khawula’s YouTube channel

Podcast and Chill fired crew joins Musa Khawula’s YouTube channel

The Monday edition of Podcast and Chill with MacG, Sol Phenduka, and Ghost Lady was one of the most explosive episodes to date of the controversial podcast. This time it was not due to the guest or the show speaking on a ZAlebs. Instead, the controversy stemmed from the internal politics of the actual podcast.

For the past year, besides the main anchors of the show, we received glimpses of the crew who made the podcast possible. This included Maligant who was responsible for shooting the podcast and Aya Prow who was the popular sound guy with his Barry White voice.

Both crew members who were confirmed to have been fired during the latest episode. While MacG did not go into detail about what led to the firing of Malignant, he did share why he had to let go of Aya. However, this would be the point of contention.

Two episodes before, Podcast and Chill had delivered an episode late again on YouTube. A fact that MacG attributed to Aya delivering the sound late. Allegedly when MacG confronted Aya, he blamed this on a family emergency he had the night before.

However, when MacG checked his WhatsApp statuses, he found a story where Aya allegedly stated, “Nothing better than chilling with friends and listening to my own album.” A status which MacG believed that Aya prioritized his album which is ironically titled Value of Time rather than his paying job with the podcast.

But now it seems that the Malignant and Aya Prow have found a second home with a rival podcast.

Ahead of the returning episode by controversial entertainment commentator and murder accused Musa Khawula’s YouTube episode. Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi had alleged that the Maligant and Aya had been headhunted by Musa Khawula for his YouTube channel content.

However, given questions about Nota’s mental state and his already contentious relationship with Podcast and Chill, his speculations were taken with a grain of salt. But following the arrival of the latest episode, Maligant took did confirm having jumped ship to Khawula camp as he dedicate three whole posts to the fact.

Moreover, Aya addressed his side of what went down during his guest appearance on YFM by suggesting that working on Podcast and Chill had turned toxic.

Moreover, via his Instagram stories, Aya seemed to assert too that despite his neutral stance and ongoing friendship with Sol Phenduka. When it comes to working with MacG again, even if it is on music, he is split as to whether it is possible in the future.

It would seem that following Aya speaking on his side of events which resulted in the departure of some of the beloved crew members of Podcast and Chill. More of the public’s opinion is swaying towards believing that the success of the podcast has gone to MacG’s head and has turned what was once a fraternity (with Ghost Lady), is now a toxic, ego driven workplace where MacG’s word and authority is the only one that matters…

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