Mzansi should be careful: Podcast and chill with MacG is back with episode 1

Mzansi should be careful: Podcast and chill with MacG is back with episode 1

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With more fascinating times throughout the network, MacG is back on his podcast, chilling with SolPhenduka and Ghost Lady. It has been a long year for them as sometimes they find themselves under fire and even almost go through with their network being canceled.

They have overcome all adversity and are doing it for the sake of the chillers, but those who are opposed to the podcast is not their network to watch. He even said more than once that he is doing it for the chillers and if they were not happy, he would consider shutting down the network.

This year’s first episode starts with the Monday episode and the network is back on the trending searches. They are not shying away from tackling topics that people are not able to have on other major networks. The podcast has only been around for about 5 years, but it is already causing havoc on a number of information.

As they are not disappointing, their prolific moments have started and chillers are happier to have them back at the usual time they stream the episodes on their own time. MacG also wants his chillers to stream in their own time, so you will not worry about missing an episode.


1. Teller: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back every week. “Ghost Lady is here, Sol is here, I am here, and the whole crew is here.”

2. Mnyamani: MacG is destroying Nota.

3. Rre komane: MacG is desperate for smoke right now.

4. Rendy: I really can’t stop laughing.

5. Bheko: I am happy to be watching the podcast and chill.

6. Tumelo: The only podcast that matters in South Africa is already trending before it’s first episode of the year.


And with everyone on the network looking to make more beautiful memories, they all reflect all the time on how their previous show was. It will be available when more unheard stories unfold. So many people are aware of the podcast, which is good.

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