polygamist Sjava shows his strong feelings for his two wives

polygamist Sjava shows his strong feelings for his two wives

SJava it’s one of the most talented musicians that has ever come out of South Africa in the past decades and his fully based in the provisions of KZN. For those who follow him on his social media handles and social media platform, they know that he’s very traditional and culturally orientated you do things that are within his culture and with an African context recently posted a show in his home city, Durban, of which it was today show.

Just last year he was accused of rape by his mattress popularly known as Lady Zama but that case didn’t materialised because there was no sufficient reliable evidence that indeed he raped.

it is publicly known that he is a polygamist even though he tried to hide it from public that he is married and have two beautiful wife that support him in everything that he does and they love and cherish each other, Sjava might be one of the happiest man in Mzansi.

because all his wife’s get together get along and the support him in everything that he do even on this your that he’s recently hosted in Durban they were there they even take pictures together too sure Family front to the people.

One of his wife popularly known as queen is a pharmacist and she owns a medical centre in Durban. while his other wife popularly known as pearl nobody knows what she does for a living but he’s he’s seems like she is employed and she’s happy.

It is highly advised that morning people must take a advices and coaches from someone likes Java because he’s a bully married in a polygamist arrangement, because it saves him from cheating and doing other shenanigans that that the mud pooed their partners in danger. in my personal humble opinion I really think that it is necessary to engage in a polygamist marriage because you won’t necessarily cheat.

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