Scandal: Poor Mbali does the impossible in order to give Jojo a child


Scandal: Poor Mbali does the impossible in order to give Jojo a child


Poor Mbali (Nolwazi Ngubeni). The new year is barely a month old and she’s already ducking and diving to keep dirty not-so-little secrets hidden from prying eyes and ears. The snobbish diva, lovingly known as “Lady M”, will have her hands full in 2022 as her past begins to unravel and we learn that she’s not who she claims to be.

We can definitely expect scandal from Mbali! We will see her compromise those close to her to achieve her dream and we’ll really start seeing her drive. Her true character will come to the fore.

Sounds like her business-savvy hubby Jojo (Melusi Mbele) will have his hands full as his demanding wife does some serious damage to their respectable name. Mbali is ambitious, but at what cost?3 1

So what’s the big secret? By now it’s become clear that Mbali has been lying about her upbringing. Originally claiming to be from a wealthy family, our glitzy diva is actually the daughter of a low-income family battling to make ends meet.

But her family secret will be the least of her worries. Mbali is far more concerned about giving Jojo an heir so that he can have a rightful claim on the family business Uthuli Waste.

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She is going to do absolutely anything to make sure Jojo gets his wish since she’s driven by his happiness and satisfaction. He is her world.

We already saw the desperate wife resort to drugging her husband and hooking him up with her sister Winnie (Fundiswa Ngcobo) earlier in January to fall pregnant. Mbali will then fake a pregnancy and raise Winnie’s child as her own. It’s a disgusting plan and we love it!

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But whether she’ll succeed in keeping up the act of motherhood is a different matter. Even Nolwazi admits that this scheme may be above Mbali’s head.

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