Prayers up for Mzansi’s bravest warrior: Nompilo


Prayers up for Mzansi’s bravest warrior: Nompilo

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Nompilo Dlamini went on a long trip to India with the hopes of getting a lung transplant. After all the help she got from Cassper Nyovest and the rest of Mzansi, she is finally back home and happy about it, even though the trip didn’t go as she had hoped.

She seems to be keeping her chin up and Cass, her biggest cheerleader, is right there with her. As she tweeted about finally being back home, social media users poured into her comments to express gratitude for her safe journey, to welcome her back home, to gush over seeing her face again, and to wish her the best in her continuing battle against cystic fibrosis. So did Cassper, who willed her to stay up.
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Nompilo recently sent shockwaves across the country when she shared a video on Twitter in which she sounded like she had given up on life. She said she has fought long and hard, and endured so much pain, but it was all to no end as she is still going through it.

She further said that she was done fighting, and that she is finally leaving it all to God. This came after she revealed that the injection she had gone to get in India was not available there, but she was informed that it is available back here in Mzansi, so she would be coming back home. But she is exhausted from all the treatments, and is letting God decide what to do with her now.

“For me, honestly, I am done with medication. I am just gonna let God do His will and take each day as it comes because, no, no, no I have had enough of the fighting. It’s time I get selfish and just think of me, nobody else. Next week I am coming back home. I don’t want to take any more injections, I do not want anything, besides me taking each day as it comes until God decides that I should be joining him and his disciples,” she said.

She did specify that she was not suicidal, although that did not stop the tearworks from her fans. Even so, it was a welcome change in mindset from an earlier video in which she had said she considered “ending it all”.

“Please do keep me in prayers as I pray for myself too, I’m struggling to fight the urge of taking all my pills and just ending it, yesterday was my first attempt and nothing happened, I’ve been fighting it since morning, I’m trying my best and I don’t want to disappoint myself,” she cried.

Although it doesn’t seem like she is doing better physically, she seems to be at peace psychologically, and that’s more than we can say for some of us healthier ones. We do still hope that she will get the help she needs to stay alive; she has already become a beacon of hope in society, and she knows it herself.

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