Presenter Luyanda Potwana is now officially a traditional healer.

Presenter Luyanda Potwana is now officially a traditional healer.

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TV presenter Luyanda Potwana is now officially a standard healer.

The media personality, best known for presenting SABC1’s Nyan’Nyan, announced on social media that he has completed his training.

Speaking to the publication, Luyanda said accepting his calling was the simplest decision he has ever made.

“I’ve always known about my calling because the signs were there. i assume fear of the unknown was the rationale I took goodbye to simply accept it,” he said.

“You cannot run faraway from who you’re , otherwise you’ll be living a lie.”

Luyanda Potwana

Luyanda Potwana

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Luyanda Potwana
Although he announced he was officially a standard healer, he said he’d continue learning.

“It really never ends. You learn until the day you die as there’s always something new. It’s quite enjoyable journey as you get to find out tons about yourself,” he said.

Luyanda, who has the spiritual gifts of instimbi emhlophe, ulugxa and ukuthandazela, said it had been not rare for somebody to tend quite one gift by his ancestors.

“Sometimes you’re multi-talented in terms of spiritual gifts. It really depends on what God and your ancestors decide,” he said.

“It’s really not rare for somebody to possess quite one gift as all of them come from an equivalent source with the aim of helping people.”

Speaking about those that believe that folks with spiritual gifts are possessed, he said: “There is nothing you’ll do to vary that mindset if they themselves don’t want to find out and accept who they’re .

“We sleep in one world but God made us differently and therefore the sooner we understand that, the higher things will become.”

He also spoke about Ancestor’s Day, a replacement yearly event aimed toward celebrating African spirituality.

“I’m glad the govt finally gave the green light for this important day after numerous people spoke out,” he said.

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