President Zuma Arrived Wearing Zulu Traditional Attire

President Zuma Arrived Wearing Zulu Traditional Attire

When people hear the name former President Jacob Zuma, the only thing that comes to mind is his involvement in state capture and the corruption allegations he is facing. Many people have criticized him and they do not like him. However, after everything, Zuma still has so many fans. Whenever he goes, people lose their senses and scream at the top of their lungs when they see him.

Today it’s a great day for the Zulus. There is a coronation ceremony. There is an event to hand over a certificate of recognition to His Majesty King MisuZulu ka Zwelithini of the AmaZulu. There are many top icons present, including former President Mbeki and Zuma. Former president Zuma came with his wife wearing Zulu traditional attire. The moment they arrived, the whole spotlight was on them. People were so happy, screaming their lungs out. See some of the photos and videos below:

It is true that Zuma is still loved by many people. Even on social media, people were happy to see Zuma. Some even said he looked like a young boy. Ever since Zuma got his freedom back, he has been trending on social media. Everywhere he goes, people love him.

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