Pretty from Skeem Saam shares moments with her real boyfriend

Pretty from Skeem Saam shares moments with her real boyfriend

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Exactly when we see performers associate on TV, we oftentimes wish that they were truly dating, in reality. It’s a marvel the manner by which they sort out some way to keep their covered up and capable lives secluded. We can all agree that a lot of us would have gone totally gaga for our associations on screen. However, it simply includes their capacity.

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Lerato Marabe is an MC, a performer, and an entertainer. She is striking for her portrayal of Pretty Seakamela in the SABC 1 show Skeem Saam. She’s conceivable of the most notable play as of now shown on our screen. The most well-known plot is her and Lehasa’s (character played by Cedric Fourie) feelings.

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Unfortunately, she has a veritable presence past the spotlight. She posted a photo of herself and her enduring accessory participating in his birthday together. She continued to tell him that she loves him so much. We would have needed to see her and Lehasa all together couple.

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Seems like a part of the Skeem watchers are not happy with Lerato Marabe’s certifiable relationship. The comments from fans concerning the relationship were like:

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“Hi!! Her real sweetheart is Lehasa Maphosa, not this one”

“To be direct they don’t match eish her choice sucks”

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“In addition, I figured u would concur that her twin kin”

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