Pretty hid from Khwezi trying to beat her

Pretty hid from Khwezi trying to beat her

Pretty and Lehasa thought they will be having all the time to themselves while Khwezi goes home. Things have turned very bad when she finds them together with red flowers all over the house. Lehasa never planned something special for Khwezi as he did for Pretty on Friday.

Khwezi is very angry and she wants to beat up Pretty for taking away her man. Is Pretty wrong or right for doing this to Khwezi? Pretty and Lehasa cannot deny all the feelings they have for each other, but all Lehasa has to do at this point is to protect Pretty from Khwezi.


Khwezi is going to reveal the video to expose Pretty because this is the perfect time for it. Lehasa should just take them both to be his wives because he loves them. Lehasa should make sure that Pretty is safe or else she will never forgive him.

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