Skeem saam: Pretty is still looking for her unborn child’s father.

Skeem Saam: Pretty is still looking for her unborn child’s father.

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Pretty does not know the father of her unborn child because she thought it was Katlego until Eunice told her that it might be Lahasa Maphosa because she also slept with him without using protection, pretty is blaming Eunice for everything because she is the one who sold her to Lehasa Maphosa, remember pretty was stressed that time, Eunice manipulate pretty Just to satisfy Fanie Maserumule

Pretty know realises how stupid she was to allow Eunice to fool her,and Eunice does not regret for what she did because she didn’t force pretty to sleep with Lehasa,she said she wanted pretty to experience Johannesburg but eventually it ended in tears for pretty because now she is pregnant .
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Pretty Seakamela wants to call Lehasa but she is afraid because Lehasa told her to delete his number last time when she was trying to call him, Lehasa Maphosa moved on and he wants nothing to connect him with pretty that is why he wants her to delete his number,and now Lehasa wants another girlfriend and it will never be easy for him to admit to be the father of Pretty’s unborn child.

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