Skeem Saam: Pretty is very disappointed because of Lehasa

Skeem Saam: Pretty is very disappointed because of Lehasa

pretty skeem saam Skeem Saam: Pretty is very disappointed because of Lehasa

Skeem Saam watchers will be crushed to discover that Pretty’s perfect partner sweetheart Lehasa is going to lobola his child mom Khwezi. The October secrets likewise uncover that Jacobeth Thobakgale will fall head over heels and go out on the town with a baffling man.

Albeit the TVSA Skeem Saam October secrets uncover that Lehasa will assume a sense of ownership with his unborn child and lobola Khwezi, they don’t show that he and Beautiful will separate after he weds Khwezi. Devotees of previous Turfloop High’s head, Jacobeth Thobakgale will very much love to realize that she will meet a strange man and experience passionate feelings for him.

“After much-warmed thought, Lehasa at last pays lobola for his dangerous woman. Yet again beautiful needs to go with a hard decision: family or love?”

We definitely know that Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) doesn’t adore Khwezi (Samukele Mkhize) and he’s just wedding her to ensure she doesn’t give everything away on him at his hearing.

skeem saam Skeem Saam: Pretty is very disappointed because of Lehasa

“Pretty is prepared for a great time frame with her playmate however is rather met by her most dreaded fear.”

The mysteries likewise uncover that Khwezi will attempt to tempt Lehasa after her lobola dealings yet he won’t move since he’s just intrigued by her unborn child, who probably won’t actually be his.

The TVSA secrets likewise show that Lehasa and Pretty’s (Lerato Marabe) relationship will be tried by his preliminary when a homicide he committed is uncovered at his hearing.

#TeamPreHasa shouldn’t worry however as it seems the pair will figure out their disparities and stay together.

Watchers of the instructive soapie will be glad to see previous Turfloop High’s head, Jacobeth Thobakgale falling head over heels interestingly starting from the initiation of the show.

For sure this will be whenever that we first see Elizabeth Serunye’s personality involved with a man… and, surprisingly, going out on the town.

However she has a youngster, Dr Elizabeth Thobakgale (played by Amanda Manku) as of now, we have never met, or been acquainted with Lizzy’s father on the show… hence never seen her in a relationship.

It is muddled from the secrets who this man is as he’s another person in Turfloop and somebody who will stir sentiments she covered quite a while in the past.

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