Skeem Saam: Pretty’s fears and nightmares became reality

Skeem Saam: Pretty’s fears and nightmares became reality

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Pregnancy can be the most beautiful time in life. The ability to carry life within you and give birth to a living human being after a full term is a very gracious mystery.

But what happens when the pregnancy is unplanned and the one who is pregnant finds out way after the moment of intimacy?

Things got tense when Eunice convinced Pretty to take the pregnancy test. This is because, she had fear that she could be pregnant with Lehasa’s baby. These fears will be confirmed by a pregnancy test kit. Considering the fact that the test kit is not 100% accurate and sometimes confirms false alarms, do you think in Pretty’s case the kit is accurate?

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If so, how far along do you think she could be? Calculating from her time in Johannesburg with Lehasa until now… Is it still possible for her to do an abortion if that option crosses her mind?

Do you remember Zandile? Lehasa’s late lover? Do you think simply because he could not have kids with her he’d be happy to be a father? Or he will just deny, deny and deny?

He is currently exploring his options and has shown interest in Nothile, a very beautiful business woman. He is so whipped and he cannot even hide it. Knowing the kind of a person that Lehasa is and how he ensures that, he gets what he wants – will he let Pretty and the pregnancy be the “obstacle” between him and Nothile?

Let’s watch, wait and see.
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