Priddy Uglyclaps who talks about Bontle after this photo

Priddy Uglyclaps who talks about Bontle after this photo

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Bentley Modiselle Moloi is a South African media personality and she is also a great dancer as well and there is no doubt about that.

She has been in the industry for more than 10 years now and she is still going very strong.

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She is an ambassador for a lot of leading brands and she is also part of a dancing netflix movie called Jiva and it has gained a lot of momentum and has received love from fans as well for being authentic and being hard worker as well.

She is married to the model, rapper and also media personality called Priddy Ugly and they have a very beautiful daughter together called Lerato, Afrika,Bonita Moloi and she is going to turn two years now in October.

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Bontle Modiselle Moloi hosted the awards alongside Lawrence whose better known as Zolani from The river and they did a great job at.It.

Priddy posted a picture of her wife Bontle, and a fan said that she is a breadwinner insinuating that she is the one that brings money home alone.