Prince Kaybee gets himself into trouble on Twitter


Prince Kaybee gets himself into trouble on Twitter


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By now it is already quite evident that Prince Kaybee is one Zaleb that many in Mzansi just love to hate. Does not matter what he does, it always seems to ruffle Black twitter the wrong way, and this time the situation is not any different.

Just recently, the Fetch Your Life hitmaker took to his Twitter to post a photo of himself that has not been taken as warmly as he had intended it to. In the photo, Kaybee is of course seen looking like a snack, but the caption is what has landed him in hot soup.

The caption read, Your girl’s favorite Tsotsi. Now while of course there are those who have gone ahead to absolutely agree with Kaybee, there is no denying that for some, they are simply not taking it and have used this as an opportunity to slam and put the artist in his place.

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Now to think that Kaybee was just trying to be funny and connect with his fans, tweeps have once again decided that they do not find his jokes funny and the men have gone ahead to say that no way is Kaybee going to be their girl’s favorite.

Maybe someone else’s girl, but definitely not their girl. And with Valentine’s approaching, Kaybee better come correct before he lands himself in even deeper trouble. It was just the other day when a tweep decided to unearth an old video from Kaybee’s episode on Podcast and chill with MacG.
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In the video, MacG being MacG, decided to drop one of his famous scandalous questions by asking Kaybee whether he has ever made a girl squirt. Yes, you read that right. What had tweeps rolling on the floor, was Kaybee’s response when he said that, “It’s a dope feature to have” Give it to Kaybee to make everything a joke neh.

If you can remember there was also this one time when Kaybee also took to his Twitter to dish out some very explicit bedroom advice that had many cringing and others busy taking notes from the G.O.A.T himself.

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