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Prince Kaybee has joined the few ZAlebs WHO have voiced out their opinions on the DJ contemporary and Euphonik rape allegations heroic tale.

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Following their joint statements that educated those that the National Prosecuting Authority has withdrawn the rape case against the DJs thanks to deficient proof, many folks either voiced out their dissappointments or Lententide words of support to them.
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Prince Kaybee was one in every of the celebs WHO expressed disappointment however failed to direct his words to the defendant, he rather inspired Rape victims to report the incident right away once it happens. These area unit a number of the feelings shared by individuals because it would afford reliable proof to be collected.

The New People’s Army couldn’t continue with the case thanks to deficient proof, so aristocrat Kaybee’s recommendation stems from that.

“PLEASE REPORT RAPE right away, ” he suggested.

His recommendation failed to quiet land well with many ladies WHO have skilled such ordeals. One girl told Kaybee to not inquire into problems he has not full-fledged as he doesn’t recognize what goes on within the woman’s mind once obtaining raped.

“I in person feel that nobody will inquire into a difficulty they need ne’er long-faced. Rape isn’t solely a physical act, it comes with plenty of trauma. there’s plenty of psychological trauma, shame and plenty of alternative stuff you cannot make a case for. To those that have not been raped, keep quiet, ” a feminine tweep wrote.

Prince then came guns blazing, defensive himself locution he too is allowed to own associate opinion and lift awareness irregardless of whether or not he has been in this scenario or not.
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“O buwa masepa wena, (you’re talking sh**, we have a tendency to should not raise awareness and alert individuals concerning the proper issue to try and do as a result of we have a tendency to haven’t skilled them??? therefore an individual that didn’t attend college cannot recommendation a toddler to travel to school? VOE**EK!!! additionally once we area unit quiet y’all decision USA trash.”

The woman then got dragged in addition by those that share an equivalent sentiments as aristocrat Kaybee. the girl took it any by advising aristocrat to respect himself, however the Hosh hit maker aforementioned ‘not these days.’

“Sit this one out nana, i purchase the trauma half however the things concerning solely victims will raise awareness is off, it failed to land in the slightest degree. generally raise your friends before you tweet in order that you forestall embarrassing yourself.”