Prince Kaybee regrets and apologizes to his father: sorry I was wrong

Prince Kaybee regrets and apologizes to his father: sorry I was wrong

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In South Africa , Male parents are known for being absent in their children’s lives . Many woman in South Africa are single parents and it became a Norm .

Many children in South Africa habe absent fathers and see nothing wrong with that because they know its not them alone .This is either because their fathers are unable to provide for them financially or are barred from seeing them, or because their father’s relationship with their mother floundered and in turn severed their relationship.

Something fathers don’t realize is that their male children need them the most , as every boy child need to be taught how to be a good man. And as much as their girl children they need a father figure in their lives as well , as they say ” The first man a woman can fall in love with is her father ” .

Prince Kaybee who is a Musician and Music producer is one of the few celebrities that grew up without a father . The Muso took to Twitter to share his story about his father .

According to Prince Kaybee he had always thought that his father is absent in his life by choice , since he had spent all his life longing for him .
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“I’d like to apologise to my Dad for thinking he was sometimes not present in my life by choice , he was an incredible man that made sure we are stable as a family financially and worked his ass off . RIP DAD ♥️ . ” Says Prince kaybee

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” Lol this is an apology to your son for what’s about to happen ” @Asangevovo

“Most of the things makes sense when adulting kicks in “@Tshepo383


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