Prince Kaybee’s mistress apologizes to him after legal proceedings begin

Prince Kaybee’s mistress apologizes to him after legal proceedings begin

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In another twist of events, Charlotte hit maker Prince Kaybee’s “mistress” has issued an apology after posting nudes of the DJ, also as private conversations on social media.

This come after the record producer – real name Kabelo Motsamai – threatened to require action against “Hazel Mahazard”, as she refers to herself on social media, over the incident.

In a statement released on Thursday, Hazel described her action as “unjust” and “uncalled for”, adding that she had since deleted the post she shared on Twitter.

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“On Tuesday, 4 May I posted a tweet with pictures and personal conversations between Kabelo Motsamai (Prince Kaybee) and myself. would really like to require this chance to apologise to Kabelo for the posts, and any damage that the last picture may have caused to his dignity, public image, personal life and his businesses.

“Upon deep reflection, I now realise how unjust and uncalled for my actions were, and that i would really like to use this chance to apologise unreservedly. I even have since deleted the post and that i condemn with serious caution against the continual circulation of these pictures by others,” she said.

On her “relation” with the DJ, Hazel said she had “never engaged in any casual or relationship with Kabelo Motsamai from the time I met him to date”.

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The pair met in September last year through a politician work project that they were both involved in, Hazel said.

She added: “I regret the whole incident and have taken to heart all the tough lessons that came with it. I don’t shall make any longer public statements on this matter and further appeal that Kabelo be afforded the privacy to affect any matters that arise from this unfortunate incident.”

Confessions and nudes
Hazel had posted a screenshot on Twitter, which indicated that Kaybee did indeed cheat his girlfriend and radio personality, Zola Mhlongo.

Not only did she share conversations she had with Kaybee, but also publicly shared private nudes he sent her.

The occurred after Kaybee publicly admitted to cheating on Zola.

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His statement and public apology reads: “I cheated, I humiliated my girlfriend publicly. To the people I even have disappointed, the companies I represent, my girlfriend and my mother I profusely apologise from rock bottom of my heart.”

Last year, Kaybee and Zola opened about their love and relationship on the YouTube show, Defining Love, where they revealed that they had been dating for a touch over a year.