Prince Simakade Zulu contender chooses to tie the knot

Prince Simakade Zulu contender chooses to tie the knot

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The battle for the Zulu kingship might be a hot topic at the moment but that has not prevented one of the contenders from chasing his happiness.

One of the contenders from the throne, Prince Simakade Zulu is a step closer to tying the knot after presenting gifts to his sweetheart’s family yesterday.

This is despite the fact that he faces an exhausting crucial court case this week.

Prince Simakade and his royal family descended on the homestead of the Nkosi family to shower them with gifts.

This tradition Zulu ceremony is better known as umkhehlova and umembeso.

According to the Zulu culture, it shows that talks between two families are at an advanced stage in the betrothal process.

When this process is done, only a wedding date is left to be set by the respective families.

Prince Simakade is embroiled in a bitter throne battle with King Misuzulu. The case is set to be heard at the Pietermaritzburg magistrates court this week.

The court ruling will determine who will rule Zululand.

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