Proof that DBN Gogo and Focalistic have been at it for almost 5 years


Proof that DBN Gogo and Focalistic have been at it for almost 5 years

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When DBN Gogo revealed how her Valentine’s Day went down with her boyfriend, nobody thought it would actually be Focalistic. Well, to be fair a handful of her die hard fans knew that they were an item and when she posted the video, a few were shook that the pair are still an item and growing stronger.

Tweeps were left speechless when Durban Gogo gave fans an ‘exclusive’ that she is dating Pitori Maradona, AKA President Wa Straata. This did come as a shock more especially because they let their careers blossom more than their relationship which is very heartwarming.

But for many, we can’t help but think the two lovebirds started their relationship like recently. Well, it turns out that they have been dating from as far as 2018.

Judging from this video clip shared in 2018 on Twitter by DBN Gogo, it might be that they started this thing way before actually.
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On his birthday in 2018, DBN Gogo wished him nothing but success in abundance when she wrote, “Happy birthday Space wami. I cannot wait to see you take it to the top. You inspire me in more ways than one. You deserve nothing but the best this life has to offer. Magical. Pure Brilliance. Absolutely Excellent, you are.”

She then posted a clip of the two of them and also shared some intimate videos as well.

Pearl Thusi expressed disbelief and commented with “hectic” on her Twitter account. Other followed suite wondering how did we all miss this.

Here are some of the comments:

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DBN Gogo is a very private person and can keep your secret very secure as she never even hinted at being Jeff Hadede’s daughter.

She caught wind of the comments and said they make her laugh.

Focalistic on the other hand wants to keep his life away from social media. At some point he wanted to go MIA and not deal with the drama.

This was after people tried to pit him against Cassper Nyovest but they failed.

“I have stopped doing interviews because everything gets taken out of context and people enjoy making jokes more than making sense these days …If you want to hear what I think … wait for SGHUBU SES EXCELLENT 2,” he said.

“I came here for the music & nothing else…I never wanted to be famous. This thing of people asking me questions and changing my response is new to me … I never knew how to react, so the best way is to never speak! ENJOY THE MUSIC. My team probably gonna delete these tweets.”

The two of them even once discussed this with Foca reveling that Cass wishes Foca could clap back but he says he cannot. As a man who lives his own life, in his own lane with no scandals, Focalistic says he only wants to make lots of money and live his own life privately.

“It’s funny how myself and Cass had this conversation 2 months ago… I told him I can not clap back, I wish I could… people always try make me fight him on here. I have NO BEEF .I HAVE NO GIRLFRIEND. I HAVE NO GENRE! We just make a lot of money as 18 area and tour LEFATSHE.”

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