What is the real reason why Qabanga and Gabisile were expelled from Uzalo?


What is the real reason why Qabanga and Gabisile were expelled from Uzalo?

Is Siyabonga Shibe (Qabanga) and Baby Cele (Gabisile) going to be fired from Uzalo?

Uzalo Qabanga and Gabizile fired after a tiff with the producer. The Uzalo’s favorite couple has been on the news after news broke out they need been fired from the Uzalo show. There are reports that Uzalo actor Siyabonga Shibe are going to be leaving the show. Siyabonga Shibe plays the role of the beloved Qhabanga.

Siyabonga Shibe (Qabanga) and Baby Cele (Gabisile)
The news was confirmed by entertainment news guru Phil Mphela, who said the actor was on his answer to the soapie. Shibe was rumored to possess been fired from the soapie back in June but he vehemently denied the reports. Now, I can confirm that the actor is leaving the show.

Rumor has that the foremost adorable on-screen couple Qabanga And Gabisile from Uzalo has been fired with immediate effect from the daily drama series. While no reason has been given for his exit, Uzalo writers have insisted within the past that they don’t fire actors but their storylines just run out. It could that Qhabanga’s storyline has come to a conclusion on the show.

Siyabonga Shibe
Another character who is going to be exiting the show is Baby Cele who plays Gabisile. Phil Mphela also confirmed her departure but said Baby Cele won’t be leaving the show forever, but she is simply taking an opportunity. The actress is going to be exiting the show temporarily. I’m told she is simply “taking a break”.

That is quite a double blow on the show as both Siyabonga Shibe and Baby Cele play the beloved few Gabisile and Qhabanga and are fan favorites.

Their characters are integral to the guts of the show and this may definitely leave a gaping hole. Back in June, Siyabonga Shibe had to publicly rubbish rumors, amid reports that he had a rupture with the producers and demanded a raise.
At the time he wrote, I even have had numerous calls eager to know whether I even have been fired from @uzalo_sabc1 or not. I even have been ignoring the difficulty for too long now, i would like to place it on record that I and my producers are during a good space and there were never any fights for whatever reason. The actor is yet to reply to the newest reports on his exit.

source: Instagram/youtube