Qondanisa Sibisi sings a song for his wife Samantha

Qondanisa Sibisi sings a song for his wife Samantha

It’s not a secret that Qondanisa is one of the most controversial casts of Mnakwethu. Did he go to be featured on a spin-off titled Mnakwethu: Happily Ever After? where people questioned his character because of the way he treated both wives. Did you know that Qondanisa is also a Maskandi artist? Well, join us as we unpack more of the story below and share the latest.

Source: https://www.snl24.com/dailysun/celebs/mnakwethu-star-dedicates-song-to-cheating-wife-20221118

When interviewed by Daily Sun, he revealed that he dedicated a song titled Sizomlanda to her wife Samantha Mazibuko. “I still don’t know whether I’m the father of the baby or not after she alleged that it’s not mine, i want closure”. If you’d recall properly in one of the episodes during a heated argument with Samantha, she said that the child she is carrying is not Qondanisa’s. It seems like this raised a lot of questions and gave him restless nights to the point he decided to make a song.

Qondanisa wants closure

He indicated that both songs will be released this November as part of his album that will be launched in Jeppestown, Joburg. “I have invited both of them, I’m just hoping that they will pitch” – he said. When the publication reached out to Samantha she commented by saying “he must sort our his problems before dedicated a song for me”.

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