The Queen viewers are sick and bored and want Noma’s departure

The Queen viewers are sick and bored and want Noma’s departure

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Being a good actress is all about impressing viewers with how you’re doing your actions not annoying them in such a way that they would end up switching off their screens because of you. Seems like Brenda Ngxoli, the Mzansi Magic’s Telenovela; The Queen actress is considered as one of those annoying and boring actresses/actors.

Brenda Ngxoli is a South African award-winning actress, motivational speaker, and director. She is best known for her famous work as Vuyokazi in the SABC 1’s drama series; Home Affairs that aired between 2005 and 2007. She is also a workshop facilitator on a number of topics like health and business. She is currently playing the acting role of ‘Nomaprincess Noma’ on The Queen.

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Brenda Ngxoli is such an amazing and talented actress, do you remember how amazing she was on Home Affairs? Well, this 40-year-old Eastern Cape-born star is no longer fascinating viewers as she used to. The character that she has been given on the Queen is hated by so many people, and some of those people have been threatening to stop watching The Queen because of her. Fans hate the way she speaks, she makes it obvious that she is in front of cameras, she’s forcing to be funny, and kinda lacks naturality.

While I was busy scrolling on my Facebook app, I bumped into this other post whereby they’ve shared the upcoming of The Queen (September 2021 teasers). The post was attached with a picture of Brenda Ngxoli, together with these other two The Queen actresses; which are Siyanda; played by Cindy Mahlangu, and Georgina; played by Sibusisiwe Jili.

When I checked the comments, I noticed that almost everyone was complaining about the character of ‘Noma’. The comments were like: “Noma’s accent makes me sick…”, “Noma’s acting is boring, why does she act like this?”, “Noma and her voice; Jesus! The Queen is boring now you”, “we’re sick and tired of Noma, can she leave already”.

Check out some of the comments below:
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