Rachel Kolisi raises problems with her backward comments


Rachel Kolisi raises problems with her backward comments

Rachel Kolisi likes to speak her mind and doesn’t really care who approves of that or not – When she made a comment about ‘stupid people’ not everyone was impressed – However, she gave one clapback and ignored any other negative vibes sent her way.

Rachel Kolisi clapped back at hate once again, this time in a post that is clearly aimed at the trolls who attempt to meddle in her life. She posted a pic of her looking fashionably dishevelled and captioned it with a stinger which was aimed at those who like to keep busy with her life. Rachel used the term ‘stupid people’ and this rubbed some peeps the wrong way. However, she responded with a stinger and then ignored the rest of the comments. What a woman.

It all happened after Rachel received her merchandise from Ardie Savea Clothing She wanted to show her followers earlier but has a very busy life.

So she explained this in the caption. I wanted to take a fly pic cuz our @ardiesaveaclothing finally arrived. But between 4 kids, running a business, home renovations, 763 meetings, a very busy husband, and stupid people this is all I got for ya.