Actress Television & Radio Host Candice Modiselle Is Now A Single.

Actress Television & Radio Host Candice Modiselle Is Now A Single.

Candice Modiselle

Actress and television presenter Candice Modiselle is licking her wounds following her hack. With no remorse whatsoever, men in her comments section are shooting their shot.

The beaut took to Twitter to announce that she may be a single woman once more and is heartbroken at the very fact that she has got to learn someone new everywhere again when she decides so far again.

“I really need to start dating from scratch again?!” she exclaimed. As soon as her prospective suitors flooded her comments section with requests and raunchy pick-up lines, she quickly told them where to urge off. “Yoh hah.ah. this is often not a involve applications..”

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“I’m right here, i will be your rebound, and hopefully you’ll start from scratch with me…Lol and please don’t judge me, only God can do this , I’m just trying my luck.”

“Waiting for you. How far are you?” Another said, “Look no further.”

Pallance Dladla and tv presenter, Candice Modiselle had allegedly been spotted together looking all cosy and smitten on numerous occasions in past years .

According to SABC 3’s Trending SA, these two were reportedly dating. The pair had been spotted in various spots publicly , painting the town red with their alleged public displays of affections.

Candice had been linked to a different man, her former co-host Siphesihle Vazi. the 2 are former colleagues on SABC 1s, Selimathunzi and their chemistry had fans questioning whether the rising stars are quite just friends and colleagues.

Although the pair have maintained that their relationship is strictly professional, that has not stopped fans from arising with their own conclusions about the character of their friendship.

A troll decided to overstep once they implied she had choppy with Priddy Ugly. The rapper is married to her sister Bontle Modiselle.

The couple’s marriage has been under fire for the longest time and Candice has had enough of it. Speaking about her admiration for her sister Bontle and brother in law’s marriage, she placed them both on high accord. Angered by the disrespect and mockery towards the 2 , she revealed that the couple is unmoved by the hate and are busy securing their bags also as raising their daughter.

“Honestly. the foremost unwarranted disrespect, for sh*ts & giggles. i like how unmoved they’re by the noise. 2 people harmlessly going about their lives, married, in love, collectively securing bags & raising the foremost gorgeous female child . I’ll forever stan, 11 years & counting.

“In this home, we celebrate & protect young healthy black love. I can never doubt God’s existence because I’ve seen his love manifest through this family,” she wrote.

Picture credit: Instagram