Rami Chuene’s latest “How To Play Social Media and Trend” stunt works

Rami Chuene’s latest “How To Play Social Media and Trend” stunt works

If there is one person that knows how to play Twitter like a fiddle, it seems to be none other than the veteran actress and media personality Rami Chuene. This is as the last time that the media personality had trended due to her own volition was when she tricked social media into believing that she was married again, for the second time.

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As reported then:
Last month Rami Chuene broke the internet with her “wedding announcement” and had people believing that she got married for the second time. The thespian saw an influx of congratulatory messages from friends and fans. But it was the celebrity friends who ‘confirmed’ that they witnessed a beautiful union and that Rami was actually married.

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Now, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela has made people want to take back their congratulations. Rami has been revealed as the newest addition to SABC 2’s Giyani: Land Of Blood. The picture she posted of herself donning a white wedding gown, was part of the script.

Seemingly wanting to cause another trend in her name, Rami recently played social media yet again.

Rami Chuene plays social media and trends

It all started when a Twitter profile by the name of Themba Gwejela joined the Umjolo With Azola hashtag. The account suggested that they were looking for love, and were a father of seven at the age of 42. Rami then surprisingly publicly shamed the profile by warning women that he was a scammer.

Following her post, Themba then seemed to confirm the claims. Moreover, suggesting that Rami was the one who propositioned him while he was married and was willing to be his side.

Given the matter of cheating on social media, the back-and-forth that ensued resulted in Rami’s name trending as social media chimed in on whether they believed the matter to be true or not.

However, as Rami and Themba started to trend, the two then came back to the blue app to confirm that their twar was nothing but the banter between the two long-time friends.

While Rami received kudos for playing on social media, Themba’s timeline was a different matter altogether. This is as many Twitter users accused the account of clout chasing.

A fact which Themba did not mind clapping back at as it seemed that both he and Rami had coordinated the matter in order to trend.

But what the trend did confirm was that the Chuene girls are unlucky in love recently. This is as Rami’s daughter also found herself trending for a failed marriage recently. As reported at the time:

Smash Afrika’s estranged wife Kefiloe Mdutyulwa, has broken her silence, revealing that she was allegedly in an abusive marriage with radio host Smash Afrika. Kefiloe is the daughter of seasoned actress Rami Chuene, who had tied the knot in 2020 with the 5FM radio presenter. Rumours of their failing marriage surfaced in 2021, with musician Msaki being at the center if it all.

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Sunday World broke the news of their divorce and dropped a bombshell that Msaki was allegedly one of the reasons for it. When questioned, Smash Afrika reportedly never denied the alleged affair. He even apparently told Kefiloe that Msaki is his peace. Sources close to them allegedly also revealed that abuse was the main cause of the divorce.

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